27/06/2016 - Novo Ar (New Air) by Béco Dranoff (ENGLISH)





Paulista (São Paulo born) singer and songwriter Rodrigo Del Arc is part of the young generation of new artists taking Brazilian music’s classic legacy into the future without loosing sight of its traditional roots.

With the release of his sophomore album ‘Novo Ar’ (New Air), Rodrigo advances to the forefront of the modern MPB scene (Música Popular Brasileira). ‘Novo Ar’ is a collection of original songs that showcase Rodrigo’s mature sounds and poetry, with themes revolving around life and survival in a wild megalopolis called São Paulo, Rodrigo’s hometown.

‘Novo Ar’ combines Pop, Rock and Brazilian rhythmic elements creating a multi-level enveloping sonic space that blends current soundscapes with old school artisanal recording techniques. The project was recorded at a private studio in São Paulo and mixed analogically on a Solid State Logic SL9000 J in Los Angeles, at the legendary The Mix Room studios.

Rodrigo Del Arc’s 2009 debut album ‘A Kind Of Bossa’ featured 11 original compositions written in English, being extremely well received in Brazil and abroad, especially in Korea and Japan with tracks included in compilations in Europe and Asia.

For ‘Novo Ar’, Rodrigo concentrated his songwriting in Portuguese with two songs composed in English. ‘Novo Ar’ expands on Rodrigo’s global pop sensibility being infused with Brazilian rhythms such as Bossa Nova, Samba, Baião, Ijexá and Maracatu, all co-existing seamlessly with modern electronic beds and a pop approach.

Several tracks from ‘Novo Ar’ are getting heavy airplay in main radio stations in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and the album is destined to become a modern Brazilian classic.

Béco Dranoff